What is Slowhop?

If you're looking for a cozy accommodation or an intimate getaway, you can book one on Slowhop.

We have the most beautiful agritourism, guesthouses, tiny boutique hotels, and holiday homes. We are creating a community of Hosts and Guests who care about more than just a place to stay. We believe that by choosing 'slowhop' places, you're not only having a great time but also genuinely supporting local communities, preserving cultural heritage, and the natural environment. What do you gain? You don't waste time checking places - we do it for you and find only the gems. Plus? Apparently, reading our descriptions is pure pleasure. We believe that in life, we dedicate far too little time to pleasures, so we warmly invite you to make use of our resources.

What is important to us?

There are two types of tourism: mass tourism and ours. Ours limits the amount of plastic, cares for water, develops less popular microregions, cares for people and the environment. We want there to be more of our tourism than mass tourism. We are looking for balance. Traveling is a great pleasure; let's do it in a way that causes as little harm as possible.



We demonstrate that tourism doesn't necessarily have to be harmful. We strive to provide you with various travel ideas that reduce the exploitation of natural and cultural resources. We are interested in the commitment of Hosts to nature conservation, the well-being of animals on the farm, and local, healthy food.



Climate is about people. During slow travel, you have direct contact with Hosts and owners of individual accommodations. For us, what matters are the values they uphold, their commitment to environmental conservation, the local community, and promoting the region.



Most of our places are located in rural areas and are run by people just like you. We don't sugarcoat things; we tell it as it is. We want you to choose your travel destination consciously. Accept that not everything will be perfect.


Experiential Tourism

Slow travel is about slowing down the pace of your journey, collecting impressions, memories, and experiences, rather than just ticking off points on a map. We want you to bring back more from your travels than just a few photos on your phone. We write about adventures you won't find in guidebooks.

Explore the world with tenderness.

How did Slowhop come about?

We simply changed. How many times can you stay in the same hotel rooms in touristy meccas? Crowds and commercial entertainment no longer appealed to us as a way to relax.

So what did we start associating with it?

  • nature and walks regardless of the weather
  • experiencing things we wouldn't have done before
  • slow food, which means healthy and good food from local farms
  • interesting architecture and interior aesthetics
  • sometimes lack of signal and Wi-Fi
  • cool Hosts and their stories, sometimes a shared liqueur by the fireplace
  • Awareness that we are spending timein a place that cares for the local community, historical-cultural heritage, and the natural environment.

Unfortunately, finding such places wasn't easy. It required many hours in front of the computer and was quite exhausting. We thought that since there wasn't a convenient directory of tried-and-tested places, maybe we could create something like that? That's how Slowhop was born.

Who are we?

There are over 20 of us on the team. We speak various languages and live in different parts of Europe. Our profiles are created in Polish, English, German, Czech, Slovak, and Lithuanian languages.


Ola Klonowska-Szałek

History Devourer. Before reading a book, she looks for the author's biography. She's one of those annoying people who always ask the Host of an agritourism place how it came to be. She came up with the idea for Slowhop while working on a portal for artisans. She believed that if a chair designer has a story to tell, the owner of an atmospheric accommodation will have an even more fascinating one. She is the author of the guidebook to Warmia and Masuria, 'Breathe Away from the City,' and the Slowhop book, 'I Don't Sleep Just Anywhere: A Compendium for a Leisurely Traveler.

Marcin Szałek

Analysis enthusiast. One of the few people in the world who probably knows every Excel function. A serial entrepreneur. He has been involved in the creation of all the most influential Polish startups, including at least two Polish 'unicorns.' In his free time, he plays Civilization. He prefers to relax by walking long distances in the forest. He believes that we have too few forests and wants to plant a whole lot of them if he ever becomes wealthy.

Paweł Kalisz

Programmer and solutions architect. Before Slowhop, he ensured that airplanes didn't fall, now he watches over Slowhop. He enjoys commenting on reality with GIFs and always stirs the pot. He loves meat and has no intention of stopping. A triathlete, a significant player in the volleyball league in the 'parents' category at the local primary school in Gdańsk.