Kind Actions Report

We are aware that some would prefer to crawl over crushed glass and drink two bottles of black cumin oil than voluntarily read some report in their spare time. However, in this case, we can promise you that despite the semantic threat in the title, it's a light read, devoid of concrete prose and walls of meaningless numerical comparisons.

For yet another year in a row, we're sharing with you our story through Kind Actions Reports. These publications describe the part of our activities that have positively impacted the natural and social environment. So far, they may not be professional ESG reports, but you'll find: 

  • a condensed record of our kind actions (if you prefer one-page summaries), 
  • the full story, or the expansion of our list of good deeds, 
  • what cool things we've managed to do for the natural environment and what for the social one, 
  • key actions planned for the coming years.
Find out about our kind actions here.

And why on Earth did we ditch the entire season of Ted Lasso in favor of writing a report?

  1. Ever heard of belief-driven buying? It's like picking a brand isn't just about quality and price anymore; it's about consumers wanting to know that by choosing a particular company's offering, they're also supporting values they identify with. We value our audience and happily share what's important to us and aligned with the Slowhop code.
  2. Starting from 2024, every large company will be obliged to present an ESG report (reporting their non-financial activities in terms of the environment, social responsibility, and corporate governance). These regulations will eventually encompass small and medium-sized enterprises too. We believe this is a harbinger of further necessary changes, so we see no reason to wait.

We're fortunate to gather around us people with very similar views and aspirations. We've already built quite a community, and our actions are observed by a significant audience.

So, we thank you very much for co-creating the Slowhop Universum with us! Wanna know how we spike our workday with serotonin? Hop over to this year's Kind Actions Report 2023.

Sneak peek from this year’s report: