Do you perceive "slow" as an important part of your business?

Let the guests on Slowhop know about it

Right here at Slowhop, guests look for the places that are carefully selected and whose owners are passionate about slow travel and sustainability.

We're slow travel freaks ourselves and we've decided to ease the way to guests who are looking for a bit more. And that applies whether you have your own small accommodation, a local restaurant, organize workshops or weddings at your place. If you care about the slow approach too, we'd love to welcome you to Slowhop.

We're already inspiring guests "not to sleep just anywhere", and we're happy to advise them that they won't eat "just anything" or do "just any activity" at your place.

The most important for us is your attitude. We like to lead those guests who are looking for something more into the hands of the hosts of sustainable accommodations and owners of slow places. Only your approach to sustainability and slow travel or slow food matters.

We look for places that care about guest care, localness, exceptional flavours, experiences and owners that care about the environment or the local community.

We welcome

Accommodations & Wedding Venues

Smaller accommodations that prefer a slow travel approach and sustainability. Wedding venues where guests can organise their slow wedding


Or quality eateries, cafes, artisan bakeries, patisseries, etc.

Local places of interest

i.e. museums, castles, lookouts, galleries, exhibitions, spas, natural swimming pools and responsible wellness

Local activities

e.g. art workshops, cooking workshops, yoga classes, river rafting, horse riding, massages, etc.

Local producers

Places to buy fair cheese, homemade honey, crusty bread or artisanal products

Local guides

People who can show you places you won't find in tourist brochures

How to join Slowhop



Do you feel that the "slow" approach suits you? Fill in the essential information in the form. You also agree to the terms of cooperation by filling in the form. If you have accommodation, you can choose between a basic profile (continue below) or a full partnership with our marketing support (click here).



We will take a detailed look at your application as soon as possible. Our aim is to show only the best places. As soon as we're confident that you meet our criteria (your services are in line with the Slow philosophy, and are beneficial to your customers or guests), we'll invite you to Slowhop.


Creating a profile

We will ask you for more information. We'll send you questions or give you a call. Once we've collected all the information, we'll ask for your patience. We want to create your profile as good as possible, and it will definitely take us a while.



Your place will be listed in our directory of slow restaurants / places / wedding venues. Your profile will show a link to your site as well as your phone contact.

The Benefits

  • Reaching out to guests who are looking for something more
    Values such as caring for the environment and supporting the local community are important to guests at Slowhop. Therefore, if you want to host people who value real things, you'll find them through Slowhop.
  • A place among the best
    We, and our guests, consider Slowhop a unique selection. We only accept about 20% of all applications that come to us. We refrain from working with places that no longer fit. We care about quality and we manage Slowhop as best we can. And we will be happy to welcome you if you wish to be a part of it.
  • Link to your website
    Slowhop gets more than one million visits every month. Some of this traffic will see your profile containing a link to your website and your phone number.
  • Care from our copywriters
    We present your place in a unique way using our storytelling skills. We will tell your story honestly, without embellishment, but in a way that makes the reader feel what you want to convey.

How the basic profile looks like

What can visitors find on your profile?

  • creative text about your place
  • icons of the most important features
  • a button with your phone number
  • a button with a link to your website
  • photos
  • map

How much does it cost

Basic profiles are displayed to Slowhop visitors in a special section. In the future, they will also be visible on our map in the accommodation profiles to make it easier for visitors to find slow places and services in the area.

Basic accommodation profiles will only appear in the Slowhop catalogue under other standard accommodation profiles.

Slow accommodation

If you have accommodation, you only pay an annual fee of

139 €


Slow services

If you have a wedding venue, restaurant, organize workshops, are a guide or local artisan, you only pay an annual fee of

99 €


Join us

By submitting your application you accept our Terms and Conditions, Price List and Privacy Policy.
Thank you for your submission! Give us a moment and we will come back with an answer.
With love, Slowhop
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